Power Word POSTER CONTEST Winners!

January 15, 2018 - May 31, 2018

Academic vocabulary is a focus at SIS this year.  Each week, a new word is introduced. Teachers and students incorporate the word of the week in their lessons and activities.

SIS students  entered the Power Word Poster Contest by illustrating one of the Power Words that was featured on the "Word of the Week."  Posters included one power word and an illustration that represents a visual model of the word.  Winners received a gift card and their posters are laminated and posted in SIS hallway at the entrance to the cafeteria. A picture is posted below of the bulletin board display.

Power Words and other Academic Vocabulary featured at SIS:

Week 1: Analyze

Week 2: Infer

Week 3: Summarize

Week 4: Predict

Week 5: Evaluate

Week 6: Support

Week 7: Compare

Week 8: Trace

Week 9: Describe

Week 10: Explain

Week 11: Contrast

Week 12: Formulate

Week 13: Classify

Week 14: Monitor

Week 15: General

Week 16: Factor